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Quality Eyeglass Lenses in Watertown, WI



We feature a quality selection of fashionable eyeglasses and premium lenses. Serving the Watertown area, our office is conveniently located at 1307 Memorial Dr., Watertown, WI, 53098, so it’s easy to stop by and benefit from our exceptional vision products.

Our optical staff looks forward to helping you select the best eyewear for your vision prescription, lifestyle requirements, and unique fashion taste! Eyeglasses need to give you sharp vision and a flattering look for your face.

All patients, new and returning, are treated with patience and no pressure to reach a hasty decision. Superior customer service is our goal, and we want you to be thrilled with your eyewear and your experience in our Watertown office!

Exceptional Eyeglass Lens Services

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Transition Lenses

Go Easy on Your Eyes

Transitions Optical, Inc. has developed the world’s most advanced photochromic lens technology—the ability of a lens to darken in the presence of invisible UV light. Transitions® lenses are the #1 brand of photochromic lenses recommended by eye care professionals worldwide.

Today’s Transitions® offer you more choices than ever before – choices that keep you comfortable and keep your eyes healthy. Innovative photochromic technologies result in unparalleled lens performance in nearly every lens design and material, including shatter-resistant lenses, bifocals, trifocals, progressives and standard and high-index materials.

Click here to use the Transitions® 360° Virtual Viewer and experience life through Transitions® lenses.

Click here for lots more information about Transitions® lenses!

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Anti-reflective coatings are among the most popular add-ons for lenses. They can dramatically improve the look and comfort of your glasses by minimizing the amount of light that reflects off the surface of your lenses, which also has the added benefit of reducing glare and thus easing eye fatigue.

Ultraviolet treatment on lenses helps to block the sun's UV rays from harming your eyes. It is very important to protect your eyes, even from a young age, so make sure to get your kids' a pair of sunglasses too!

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